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With Consent - Volume I Anya Monk

With Consent - Volume I

Anya Monk

Kindle Edition
52 pages
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 About the Book 

With Consent is a collection of short stories, their only connection is a theme of sexual promiscuity, allowed, within reason, by the leading ladies’ partners.In The Work Out Amanda has to hope her boyfriend understands when she gets extra exercise at the Gym- at The Office Party Rose sends photo-messages to her boyfriend showing him exactly what she is getting up to, and- In The Hired Help Richard is in plaster-casts for weeks and his partner Alice is getting very frustrated.Whether it is Amy, who has little choice in The Blindfold, or Dawn, who invents an idea to get to know more men in The Plan, all stories in this volume involve women who find themselves getting physical with more than just their regular man.In the final and longest story, Crowded House, Rachel and Simon invite Oliver to stay, but as he gets his feet under the table he starts to get ideas about how far Rachel can be spread, and when he takes things too far, Rachel has no choice but to examine her own desires and limits.Content Disclosure: These stories contain themes of an adult nature, including straight sexual intercourse, and adult females having consensual sexual intercourse with a number of men. Many forms of sexual intercourse are explored and practised including some BDSM. Be under no illusion that these are romantic stories, they are pure hardcore erotica. For mature, broad-minded audiences only.