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A Ripple in Time: Angel of the Titanic Julia Hughes

A Ripple in Time: Angel of the Titanic

Julia Hughes

Published 2013
Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Librarians Note: this is an alternate cover edition - ASIN: B005CF7PJWA young woman experiences nightmares of a terrifying collision- a collision with a mountain of ice that dwarves even the magnificent ship taking her across the Atlantic- the Titanic. These visions are so realistic, Carina demands that extra vigilance is taken especially on the night of April 14th. Captain Smith and his crew are convinced by the youngster’s vivid descriptions and steadfast belief that she has seen the future- consequently the disaster is averted and Titanic steams safely into New York harbour, with devastating consequences.Eventually realising that the alternative world he has woken up to has been caused by a ripple in time, Wren learns he must somehow travel back one hundred years, to the year 1912 and ensure the ship of dreams fulfils her destiny.Helping him with this quest is Carrie, a descendent of Carina, and Wren’s hedonistic cousin Rhyllann.Once on board the great ship as the tragedy begins to unfold Wren is faced with unthinkable choices: In order to restore the world to this timeline, and save his own life, hundreds of innocent women and children must perish.